Plastic bottles and flasks

No other plastic packaging or objects.

Flatten plastic bottles, put the cap on it and gain space in the PMD bag.

Metal packaging

Including food and cosmetic sprays, aluminum plates, dishes and trays, metal lids and caps.

Drinks cartons

Not Allowed

Residu PMD

  • All other plastic packaging and objects (plastic pots and dishes, plastic bags, plastic film, et cetera), aluminum foil, polystyrene foam, syringes, infusion bags and other medical waste.
  • Packaging with child-resistant safety caps, including packaging for drain cleaners and toilet descaling products.

  • Packaging with at least one of these icons:

 CLP picto

  • Packaging of pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, moss control, rat poison, et cetera.)
  • Packaging of engine oil, paint, lacquer, varnish and other toxic products.


  • Deposit only empty packaging.
  • Do not attach plastic cans to the fastening straps of the blue PMD bags.
  • The maximum size of a packaging item placed in a blue PMD bag is 8 litres.