Do you smurf your packaging properly?


Our Sorting Smurfs are Coming to Your Town this Summer!

Anyone visiting a local event this summer has a good chance of running into our Sorting Smurfs. Be sure to pay them a visit, because they can help you overcome your last remaining sorting doubts. You’ll join in and smurf, too, won’t you?

With the New Blue Bag, sorting is easier than ever. A lot more packaging than before can be put in the PMD, from yoghurt pots to plastic bags. Nevertheless, many doubts still remain, according to a recent survey. And that is a shame, because every item of packaging that goes astray is one too many.

Dive into the world of the Smurfs

We aim to do something about that with our Sorting Smurfs. In 2020, we concluded a cooperation agreement with IMPS, the company behind the Smurfs. Not only are the cartoon heroes popular among young and old alike, they are also blue - the colour of our PMD bags for over twenty years. A brand-new Smurf family – mum, dad, son and daughter – has been created to provide an easily accessible way to explain the extended PMD sorting rules to everyone.
They have also recently become part of a new sorting stand that we have developed together with AlterEyes and Indiandribble. Participants in the game are given a Virtual Reality headset to put on, immersing them in the world of the Smurfs. You go inside a Smurf house with one simple task: to correctly sort as much packaging as possible.
The game starts in the kitchen, where you discover ten items. You pick up the items that you want to sort using a controller and drop them in the PMD bag. If you throw something in the PMD bag that does not belong there, you are immediately given an explanation as to why not.

Lasagne trays and toothpaste tubes

The game then moves on to the Smurf bathroom, where you can sort another ten items, and ends in the Smurf workplace, where you find the last ten things. The objects that you can sort in the three rooms include a lot of typical doubtful cases, such as an aluminium lasagne tray (which does count as PMD), a toothpaste tube (PMD, too), polystyrene (not PMD) and a plastic bucket (not PMD, either!).
Bystanders can follow the adventure on a television screen and as a reward, the players receive a number of Smurf goodies, including a book of games.
In 2021, the Sorting Smurfs already visited Drogenbos, Kortrijk, Sint-Niklaas and Ternat. This year, Bruges, Brussels, De Pinte and Lebbeke are on the schedule. See you soon!

Would you like to see the Sorting Smurfs in your town, too?

The Sorting Smurfs stand is an ideal attraction for local events such as markets, funfairs, trade fairs, festivals or sports competitions. Communes can reserve the sorting stand via their intermunicipal waste organisation.