Case study

86% less packaging material for IGLO


IGLO Belgium optimized the packaging of the IGLO steam bags with frozen vegetables. By replacing the cardboard packaging with plastic steam bag with a single steam bag, more than 9,000 kg of packaging material is saved annually*. The polypropylene steam bag remains perfectly recyclable, via the PMD. 


Anne Legies, RDQ Manager Belgium at Nomad Foods: “The packaging switch for the IGLO steam bags is part of our company's sustainability strategy. We are examining the different packaging types within our range and looking at where we can either make them more recyclable or – if they are – we can use less packaging material for the same result.” 

Packaging that is not necessary should of course be avoided. However, packaging fulfills an important function: guaranteeing food safety, providing safe transport, preventing improper use and stating necessary product information. In recent years, the sector has made considerable efforts to reduce the share of packaging, often through more efficient use of packaging material. This packaging innovation from IGLO is completely in line with that trend. By removing the cardboard outer packaging, 86% less packaging material is needed. 


Clear sorting instructions 

In addition, clear sorting instructions were also added to the packaging. After all, there are sometimes doubts about certain types of packaging, especially when it comes to the new packaging types that are allowed in the New Blue Bag. Companies that want to help consumers sort their packaging correctly can therefore use the on-pack sorting instructions and logos that Fost Plus developed for this purpose. These are non-binding and aim to avoid a proliferation of pictograms on the packaging. For more information about the sorting logos, click here. 

The empty packaging of the IGLO steam bags for frozen vegetables belongs in the PMD bag. With their packaging strategy, IGLO Belgium is tackling the waste challenge in a broader way by reducing packaging, targeting 100% recyclable and giving guidance to consumers on how to sort thanks to the use of sorting instructions. 


*Based on the sales volumes of the steam bag range in 2021.