Pringles tube recyclable from now on!


A fully closed circular economy and 100% recyclable packaging - that is the ambition of Fost Plus and its members. After five years at the drawing board, Pringles is launching a new packaging that is 90% paper fibre and no longer has a metal bottom. The metal base used on the old tubes has now been replaced by a paper base. Thanks to the total fibre content in the tube, consumers can now sort the tube with the paper-board for recycling. The plastic lid still belongs in the PMD bag.


A worldwide impact

With the support and expertise of Fost Plus, the Belgian Engineering and R&D teams at Kellogg's in Mechelen have been working for five years on new machinery for the production lines of the new Pringles tubes. It took five years to develop and fine-tune the technology for airtight bottoms. 

Thanks to the unique design, the packaging of Pringles is perfectly hermetically sealed, and the crisps stay fresh for 15 months just like in the old tube. When the new technology is fully operational, these specially designed machines will be able to produce more than one billion perfectly airtight Pringles tubes a year. Over the next few years, they will be installed on all Pringles production lines in Europe. The entire project, including the roll-out of the new technology, represents an investment of more than €100 million. The production process of the new paper tube will also be implemented in other Pringles plants, with Belgium as a shining example.

Pringles is thus taking action to reduce its carbon footprint. Indeed, this change means that in Belgium alone 460 tonnes of waste will disappear from the residual waste bag.


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